The Company

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Just beyond this dune is Timbuktu
And sub-Saharan Africa.
Timbuktu is just the end of the beginning -
Beyond is another world.


Timbuktu |timbəkˈtoō| (also Timbuctoo) a town in northern Mali; pop. 20,000. Formerly a major trading center for gold and salt on the trans-Saharan trade routes, it reached the height of its prosperity in the 16th century but fell into decline after its capture by the Moroccans in 1591. French name Tombouctou.
• used in reference to a remote or extremely distant place as in: From Here to Timbuktu

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The Business

From Here 2 Timbuktu Ltd is a UK registered company founded and directed by Guy Lankester.

More impotantly, From Here 2 Timbutku is a network of hand picked connections / contacts / guides / drivers / operators / cooks / friends / helpers / families who have looked after my clients for 10 years now.

Together we offer trips to places we know like the backs of our hands. If you fancy crossing the Sahara and west Africa by 4x4, river boat up the Niger river to Timbuktu, gorilla trek in Central Africa or have the safari of a lifetime in Serengeti we can provide. 

Together we organise and operate overland journeys, small group trips and tailor-made travel, across the Sahara and in Africa.

From 2016 we are offering trips to Iran and Jordan too.

We can fix and facilitate expeditions, film shoots and bespoke trips in all of our destination countries.



"Timbuktu" - the name entices the imagination, conjures a mythical place, somewhere beyond the known world.

From Here 2 Timbuktu takes you beyond the myth.

From Here 2 Timbuktu trips are to far and distant places along the 'road less travelled'. We follow the spirit of the old Chinese proverb: "the journey is the reward".

The trips are inspired by independent journeys made by me. We aim to give our clients the spirit of independent travel in an organised context.

We encourage you to look at this amazing continent from a fresh, African perspective, in the belief that this can help us look at our own world through renewed eyes.

We believe in giving something back to the remote communities which host us. Your journey does this, you give our people their livelihoods and take home with you their spirit.

I hope you can join me and From Here 2 Timbuktu for a journey to some of the amazing places and people we know.

Guy Lankester
From Here 2 Timbuktu Ltd





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