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Prices from
Oct-May     Senegal Cruise Senegal
A cruise from the Atlantic to the Sahara 


Oct and all year

Malawi / Zambia /

Lake of the Stars Festival + Southern Africa Overland

The Festival is in October, but the trip can be organised on a bespoke basis at any time of year.

Oct/Nov Mali Mali by River Niger
Stopping off for Djenné, Dogon Country and Timbuktu 


Nov-Dec UK to Timbuktu Sahara Overland


Dec Tanzania Rift Valley & Serengeti Safari
A Rift Valley odyssey - volcanoes, mountains, wildlife, soda lakes and Masai  


Jan Mali Festival in the Desert
With Southern Mali trip included: World Heritage Djenné, River Niger boat trip to Timbuktu and Dogon Country trek 

€1500 - €3250

Feb Mali Festival on the Niger
With Djenné, River Niger and Dogon Country or Desert Safari


Feb-Mar Mali to Cameroon Mali to Cameroon Overland 
Via Niger and Nigeria; Sahara to Equatorial forest 


March Cameroon The Kingdom at the End of the Road
Primate conservation, beaches, Mount Cameroon and Esu, the Kingdom at the End of the Road. This trip supports education projects.


Apr +
All Year
Cameroon / CAR Dzanga Sangha Gorillas
Journey into the Central African forest to see the world's only group of Habituated Western Lowland gorillas. Safari in Dzanga Sangha with Mount Cameroon and Limbe beaches


Feb-July +
All Year
Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean Carnival + Water Safaris
Giant turtle watching, coral reef diving, swamp kayaking and river walking. Plus Carnival in February


Prices above are an indication of what you can expect to pay on a standard version of each trip. Prices are given in the currency of payment which is set by the currency each country uses for international payments. West and north Africa use the euro (€), east and southern Africa and the Caribbean use the US dollar ($).

Prices do not include international flights or visa costs.

Overland trips are non-inclusive of accommodation and food.

Set small group trips within a country are about 2 weeks long are inclusive of all transport, all accommodation and some meals.

No trips include meals in hotels or towns so you can do your own thing and are not always tied to the group (see relevant Trip Notes sent on enquiry).

Tailor-made trips price guideline

Customized trips can be organised in all my destinations at any time of year. 

10% discount for groups of 4+

Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania:

1- 7 days: €250 per person sharing per day.

8-14 days: €220 per person sharing per day.

15+ days: €200 per person sharing per day.


US$350 per person sharing per day.

Malawi and southern Africa overland:

US$300 per person per day.

Caribbean Water Safari

US$250 per person sharing per day

10% discount for groups of 4+






Trinidad & Tobago



Mali Festivals