From desert and sahel in the north, through savannah and highlands in the middle, to lowlands, equatorial forest and coast in the south. With over 200 ethnic groups and languages, unique indigenous birdlife and wildlife, football mad, loves its music, friendly and funny Cameroon offers "all of Africa in one country".

Cameroon has something for everyone: families wanting an educational trip for their kids, experienced travellers seeking something a bit different, bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts or culture bods. A visit to the north gives you hot and dry, semi-desert. At Lake Chad Cameroon meets Chad, Niger and Nigeria. The region is a colourful mixture of tribes from these regions - Fulani, Bororo, Woodabe.

Also in the north is Wasa National park, probably the best game viewing in west Africa. My Mali to Cameroon Overland trip goes through this region. The south offers primate conservation, equatorial forest, west Africa’s highest mountain Mt Cameroon, glorious beaches and highland kingdoms. This is the region of my Kingdom at the End of the Road trip.

The east gives access to the great wildlife of the Congo Basin at Lobeke in Cameroon and Dzanga Sangha in the Central African Republic (CAR). This is the region of the Dzanga Sangha Gorilla Safari.



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September to May

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Here is Helene Dielen's account of her trip to Cameroon:


During a fortnight stay in Cameroon we can’t visit all the beauty this country offers so we have to make choices!

After being overwhelmed by a photo of Rhumsiki on the internet, the North was “the winner”. WazaNational ParkLake Chad, Rhumsiki and the nearby villages, invite us to see a variety of landscapes, people and animals. We even can visit 3 countries: CameroonChad (one night) and Nigeria (one step).


As the road up to the North is in good shape, we have several great stops (even the stop when we had a flat tyre and the obliged safety checks), the car is trouble free, driving so many kilometres is not a curse at all and as a result we become more familiar to another. 


In Waza National Parc we go for a safari to see the animals that are still present in this great and strange landscape. End of the dry season, no elephants sightings in this part of the Park. But lots of Giraffe, Kob, Roan Antilope, Cranes, Secretary birds and even footprints of the lion we just missed! Tea and breakfast at the campsite took us to long, own stupid fault.


Lake Chad (mainly reading about the importance of the lake for a big area) gives you the strange feeling that you are so extremely lucky to have the opportunity to glide in a wooden boat on Lake Chad, but at the other hand one realizes the fragility of this big wetland in the middle of the dessert.


Finally we reach Rhumsiki which indeed gives us an unforgettable overview of the mountains surrounding our spectacular private campsite.   

The landscape was a unique experience, the people we saw and met in the North where extremely nice and friendly. We always felt so welcome and had the opportunity to really get in contact, having breakfast and diner in the same places as the locals do (on the street!), playing football with the youngsters and even swimming together in Lake Chad!


While preparing our trip at home, we decided to fly back from Maroui to Yaounde, because at the end of our holiday, we needed some days to relax before starting to work again. Relax? We visited MefouNational Park, shopped till we dropped for souvenirs and had big fun with “loverboys” at the swimming pool.


The best advice somebody gave me: visit Cameroon now, you will be amazed!


Hélène form Belgium





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