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The exotic orient: a stone's throw away from Europe. Ancient imperial cities, spectacular mountain ranges and the beginning of the Sahara.

Marrakech - the most important of the imperial cities, founded by the Almoravids in the 11th century, perhaps meaning “The Land of Gods”.

Fes - the second largest city, founded in the 8th century, the "Mecca of the Western Orient" or the "Athens of Africa".

The Atlas Mountains.

The Sahara desert at M'Hammid.

The windy coastal city of Essaouira.

The wild coast line from Agadir south into Western Sahara.



Morocco is the western world's closest and most accessible "touch of the orient". But take a trip over the Atlas mountains and down to the plains of the Sahara you will find Morocco is very much an African country.

Indigenous Berber and Saharwiri, desert people have been here for thousands of years. The berbers, with their caravans of camels, travelled to Timbuktu, connecting Europe and Africa in trade long before the continent was "discovered".

The cities of Fes and Marrakech, the northern citadels for the Saharan trade, are full of life and colour and smells, narrow alleyways and red stone buildings, plazas with snake charmers and magicians, poets and raconteurs, stories and music. Fresh fish, calamari, kebabs, nuts and spices, sweets and orange juice; even sheep's brains if you like!

Then on the coast is Essaouira, "the windy city". From Essaouira south past Agadir, and Tan Tan and along the Western Sahara coast you have 1400 kms of some of the wildest coastline in the world. Great for fishing and water sports enthusiasts.

What I can do in Morocco for you...

My Sahara Overland trip goes through Morocco in November/December. I can design your trip according to your requirements; hook you up with a vehicle and driver, a guide - and away you go!

If you are looking for a small group trip and have an idea - perhaps a festival or long camel trek - or a specific date when you would like do a journey through Morocco please let me know.

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