Senegal River Cruise

Senegal River cruiser


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A unique African river cruise from the Atlantic to the fringes of the Sahara Desert.

  • Tukolor, Maure and Wolof culture
  • Go back in time along France’s colonial route into Africa
  • A bird watcher’s paradise

A romantic vacation. A trip for the family. An African travel holiday without the roads, the dust and the heat.

The 8-14 day trips can include:

  • 6 days of river cruise
  • Saint Louis
  • 3 nights in Dakar
  • 3 nights on La Petite Côte

Your cruiser is a beautifully refurbished colonial boat which, over its 60 years of operation, has become part of the local scenery.

With three bars, a restaurant, a small swimming pool and staff to serve your every need, the cruise is a chance to relax and watch the region's historical and modern day perspectives pass you by.


Here is a client's view of the trip:

Kathryn McKinley from canada did this trip with her husband in May 2012.

"Hi Guy!  Fabulous, fabulous trip.  Lots of things to do, but somehow entirely relaxing.  

First of all, P.K. and I would like to express heartfelt thanks to each and every member of your team for their kindness, hospitality and flawless execution of our travel plan.  We really felt like we were sharing a personal experience with our guides, not being shuffled around.  And everyone was so dependable, always showing up early and demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and organizational experience.  Senegal is not well known in Canada, not even among francophones, and we promised everyone on the team that we would do our best to publicize the Senegal experience among our acquaintances.
It's all too soon and there was much too much variety to try to sum up at this point, so until I can collect my thoughts, suffice to say that all exceeded expectations and nothing disappointed.  Of particular note:  the food;  off-site, informal live music at intimate venues during the jazz festival;  birds; arts and culture everywhere; drumming in the distance as one falls asleep; not to mention the fact that West African francophones speak slowly and have an accent that is relatively easy for anglophones to follow.  So courage, my fellow Anglophones!"

and Food

All accommodation throughout is included.

All food and drinks on the cruiser are included.


from €1850 per person 

Best Time to Visit


The cruise runs from October to May. Combine with Festival of Jazz in late May.

This trip is generally organised for you on a tailor-made basis.

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