Trinidad & Tobago: Caribbean Water Safari


Er... Trinidad and Tobago is NOT in Africa Guy!

Yes I know, but LOOK! Water water everywhere . After 6 months of dry deserts I need crystal clear water.

Trinidad and Tobago has water everywhere. Come dive or snorkel coral reefs, walk up mountain rivers to idylic waterfalls, watch Giant Leatherbacked turtle returning to their beech of birth to lay their eggs, kayak through swamps.

Englishman's bay, Tobago


In February come out for the best carnival in the Caribbean.

Check out my slideshow of the Trinival Carnival, the original Caribbean carnival - and mother of the Notting Hill Carnival (off which I'm afraid the old dear still knocks the pants)...

J'Ouvert, Carnival Monday for paint throwing and getting very mucky

Let me explain.  Handily for me, Joannah the other half of From Here 2 Timbuktu, is from Trinidad and she lives in Tobago! Wayhey!

Joannah will organise and bring together the elements of your trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

Joannah at Pirates Bay

Looking to join a group for an adventure holiday? I will be running small group adventures in April - June and a trip to coincide with Trinidad Carnival in February.

Your chance to glam up!

A luxury family holiday, or a romantic vacation on the Caribbean sea? We can organise that at any time of year.


Let us show you the Caribbean from a Caribbean perspective...


and Food

All accommodation included.

Food not included. But if you bring some champagne we'll provide you with a champagne and lobsters meal at the beginning and the end of your trip.

Price guide

From: £1950 pp for 2 weeks INCLUDING flight

or if coming from the US, from $2450 not inc flight.

06 - 20 Feb 2013 with the Trinidad carnival, £2350 Inc flight from UK

                                                         or US$2950 without flight

Best Time to Visit

The weather is fantastic year round.

For the giant leatherbacked turtles best times are Feb-Aug, peaking between March and June.

For the best carnival in the world, February.

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