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Festival on the Niger



 Jan - Feb 2018




  • Journey across Mali by pinasse river boat
  • World heritage city of Djenné and its famous Grand Mosque
  • Dogon country trekking
  • Timbuktu

The Festival On The Niger , one of the best festivals in West Africa takes place in southern Mali at Segou at the beginning of February.

Segou is the former capital of the Bambara empire.

Your trip can include:

  • 3-7 days travelling Mali along the river Niger
  • 3 days trekking along the great Dogon escarpment between the villages of the Dogon people, sleeping out on the roofs of gîte-type village guest houses under the incredible stars that are so important to the animist Dogon system of belief.
  • Timbuktu and camel riding out into the desert to stay in a Tuareg camp with special "meshwi" meal, music and dance.
  • Option to go in search of the desert elephant around Hombori, Mali’s "monument valley".

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Djenne Market with the Grande Mosque behind



Lake Debo, River Niger

Where the Festival in the Desert represents the northern desert tradition in Mali, the Festival on the Niger celebrates the rich diversity of the heterogenous southern half of Mali.


Bambara, Dogon, Peul, Malinke, Mandé, Tuareg, Wollof, Burkina, Niger, Senegal, Côte D’Ivoire - all the great west African music traditions assemble here.

Tuareg Tinde, Festival On The Niger


The Dogon Escarpment


From Here 2 Timbuktu camp, Ewet, Timbuktu and your host, Amoukal (chief) Radwan Ag AyoubaGLankester-2014-03-12-0957

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and Food

Included in trip price. 

The trip involves camping and good clean 3* standard hotels where available and some roof sleeping under the stars.


Trips available for 14-21 days from 15 Jan to 15 Feb 2018

Prices from €2850 with 10% discount for bookings until July 2017



Best Time to Visit

The Festival on The Niger is in the first week of February. 

Best times for Mali are July to Late Feb.

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