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We love women, the older the better!

Sorry. We say that because roughly 70% of our bookings come from women and 70% of bookings are 60+ years old. This has given us the mantra: "The old are more adventurous than the young, and women more adventurous than men". Come on young man, prove me wrong!

If you are considering a trip with me you may have questions or doubts about your suitability for an off the beaten track trip in some of Africa's lesser known regions. But I have learnt that the only adaptation seniors need is to have a chair to sit on in the evening and portable stool with a loo seat for those unforseen moments in the bush! You will know your limitations and we can work any trip around your requirements. All of our staff and every community we pass through are always willing to lend a hand.

My benchmark is my Mum, who test drives all of my trips and so far she has not complained. perhaps she is biased, so ...

Some words from my senior clients:

Freda Fleischer was born in 1921 in Vienna. She is Jewish. At the age of 18 she escaped from Nazi Austria to England and became a nurse during the war, a doctor after the war, and was a published travel writer. I took her to Timbuktu at the age of 90.

The names of two places have always spelt Magic for me and my partner. One was Bokhara, the other Timbuktu. We did get to Bokhara in 1977 and were not disappointed but somehow Timbuktu eluded us. Finally I went on my own.
My only worry was whether my age would be an obstacle. One travel agency had been very hesitant and wanted me to find a companion! I found Guy on the Internet and he fitted the bill. To my great surprise he had no reservation when I told him my age.
I am lucky since I am very fit and actually never think of age, accepting that I have slowed down and do require help under certain circumstances. I did not expect 'luxury' but wanted to get a feel of the country and its people and this was exactly what happened. Anyone who is eager to visit a country like Mali, which is poor on material things but rich in every other aspect, should go with Guy. He and his staff care and will look after you. You will not be disappointed.

Freda Fleischer (90)

Irene and her husband Gabriel are both veterans of the second world war. Gabriel flew in Halifax bombers and Irene was a wren.

Thank you for a wonderful exciting and unique journey in Mali. It was not only the "sights" we saw but the opportunity to see the lives of families and especially their children in their surroundings following their own way of life - not at all a show put on for tourists. I loved their friendliness and smiling faces towards us as we travelled. The Dogon valley and its people were especially of interest and I'd like to learn more about their history and culture. The first camp site on the Niger gets into my list of the 6 best camp sites in the world. Many many thanks for an amazing journey.

Irene Aitman (85). Bespoke trip to Mali, January 2010

Ann Gover Ann is in her 70s. She is an artist from Bristol, UK.

A wonderful trip giving westerners an opportunity to experience the vibrancy of Africa, meet African people and see something of their lives. Best wishes, and thank you for all the trouble you took to make the trip such a success.

Ann Gover

Val and Geoff Mead, both in their seventies, came on the same trip as Ann, Irene and Gabriel - they made up my first trip with only senior travellers (the average age being 78). Geoff was worried about a long standing back problem, worried most about the Dogon trekking. We adapted the route we took and if he needed to stop walking we had a vehicle ready for him; in the end though, Geoff managed the climb up the Dogon escarpment and I don’t think he ever took the vehicle option!

We have travelled widely in Africa and elsewhere, but the Mali experience was unique. From Here 2 Timbuktu made sure that we saw all the major attractions, and the strange and colourful culture of the Dogon people, in particular, will long remain in our memory.

Val and Geoff Mead







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