Tailor-Made Travel

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Tailored trips to any of my destination countries can be arranged.


Whether you are a couple who want a romantic trip,
A solo traveler wanting to go further than the backpack beaten track,
A family or a group of friends wanting your own trip of a lifetime -
We have many ideas for you.

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"Well, as you can imagine, I fell in love with Mali. Its hard not to. Thank you so much for coordinating such a great trip. Between the people and the landscape it is absolutely ... well ...hard to explain but I loved it. You have really gathered a great posse around you (your guides) that totally made the trip.Julie Knudson, Mali tailor-made (2011)

Possible bespoke trip destinations

West Africa

North Africa

Southern Africa

East Africa
The Caribbean
Trinidad And Tobago

I can organise overland trips in all the above regions. If you want to do your own overland trip, I can advise on vehicles and routes and put you in touch with guides and contacts to ease your way. On your journey I will remain in contact via email and telephone contact with you for advice and guidance and as emergency back up.

Why book a tailored made trip with From Here 2 Timbuktu?

Having a guide or back up with local knowledge can transform your trip from travelling "across" to travelling "through" a country.

  • You get closer to the community,
  • you are safer,
  • and you go to places and see things you cannot see on you own.

When looking for a trip to somewhere like Africa it is important that you feel safe in the hands of the people who are looking after you.

This is not because Africa is unsafe. Far from it, in much of Africa there is zero crime. You have the ubiquitous African community looking after you throughout your journey.

However, although a country may generally be safe, areas may not be. Africa is big, and so are its countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the size of western Europe and the USA will fit into the Sahara Desert.

Unless a country has active conflict within itself or with a neighbour (and despite the image these are very few,) you are very safe. If a country is in active conflict you should not go.

Western government travel advisory bodies do not, on the whole, give out reliable travel advice. Or rather, if you listened to half of it you would never leave your home. Their warnings are sweeping and generalised rather than specific, are often politically motivated and are infrequently updated to account for changing circumstances. Understandably they have to play cautiously, but for the traveller this can be dangerous, because of the cry wolf syndrome.

Always the best and most trustworthy advice comes from local knowledge and contacts. They know the reality on the ground.

But the best reason for taking a tailor made trip is that I can get you into places nobody else can.

From Here 2 Timbuktu has a network of tried and tested local operators, guides and drivers who know what I expect for my clients. They all go way beyond their job description to make sure your trip is more than the sum of its parts - that it is fun, and that you feel that you are being taken through their country with pride and hospitality.

"Thanks again for an amazing trip! You have really gathered a great posse around you (your guides) that totally made the trip.Julie Knudson, Mali tailor made (2011)


Tailor-made trips price guideline


Customized trips can be organised in all my destinations at any time of year. 


10% discount for groups of 4+


Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania:


1- 7 days: €250 per person sharing per day.


8-14 days: €220 per person sharing per day.


15+ days: €200 per person sharing per day.




US$350 per person sharing per day.


Malawi and southern Africa overland:


US$300 per person per day.


Caribbean Water Safari


US$250 per person sharing per day


10% discount for groups of 4+





Trinidad & Tobago



Mali Festivals