Tanzania: Rift Valley Safari


Olduvai Gorge where some of the earliest remains of human beings have been found.







An original journey through humankind's original landscape, "awesome" is an overused word, but on this trip entirely appropriate in every way.

A wild and free, nomadic adventure across around and through the Great Rift Valley giving you the best of Tanzania's wildlife, an intimate view into two of their most fascinating cultures - the Maasai and Hadzabe - all amongst some of the most beautiful and pristine natural landscapes to be found anywhere on earth.

This off the beaten track journey was created and designed by From Here 2 Timbuktu with  insider trading knowledge via your expert guide Toda and my brother Felix.

Felix is the Serengeti region's top wildlife vet. His work and PHD research is focussed on the interaction between the pristine natural world of the Serengeti and the surrounding Maasai lands where livestock and human populations cross over with wildlife. We have you totally covered on this trip! 

The "big five" can never be guaranteed but you'll get close, and I CAN guarantee my own big five:

• the elephants of Tarangire

• Lake Eyasi and the Hadzabe bushmen

• Lions a roar on the sweeping plains of the Serengeti

• volcano hopping from Ngorongoro to Empkaai with the Maasai guides

• all begun and rounded off with Lake Natron eco-camp spring spa with flamingoes, camels, 117,000 year old footprints and toe nibbling fish to clean your weary feet in your own private spring bath.

An all round all inclusive all amazing wild trip for anyone and any age with a love of cultures, animals, birds, nature, landscapes, waterfalls, awesome beauty and the wild. If you are not in this group you do not live!


GLankester-2010-09-29-9291131Lake Natron camp


 Accommodation & Food

This trip can mix catered camping , eco "luxury" camps, and guest house/safari lodge. 

Our recommendation: Be original, go wild, go nomad style!

Your guide Toda will organise a fully catered trip with kitchen and cook to travel with you, leaving you free to go as you will. For a small group this is not only the cheapest route but also the most exhilarating. Throw in a treat at the beginng and end with a stay at Lake Natron camp, a fully eco camp that moulds into the landscape at the edge of Lake Natron. Your bathroom is a running stream, or shower in the waterfall! 



Price indicator    This trip is organised on a tailor made basis, and prices vary widely according to the type of accommodation you choose. The bigger the group the cheaper the trip.  

For a standard catered camping trip with a spot of luxury eco camp for a group of 3+ :

US$300 per person per day 

11 day trip US$2950 pp
14 day trip US$3850 pp       Prices all inclusive for a camping trip (see Trip notes)


 Best Time to Visit

 Late November to April

June to September


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