Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Water Safari


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Water Safari


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Jouvert, Trinidad Carnival, cigar manCelebrating Carnival Tuesday, Trinidad Carnival

As winter drags into February and spring still seems a long way away, why not take off for the Caribbean for one of the biggest and most topsy turvy parties on earth.

Come to Trinidad and Tobago for the original and biggest of Caribbean carnivals, Throw caution to the wind and dive into “CARNE VALE!”

Paint yourself and anyone else any colour you wish, throw mud, get into the SOCA grove as you “wine and lime” with this rainbow nation, and celebrate the colour and diversity, the beauty and the folly of these islands and their cultural history.

And afterwards. Well the islands are your oyster.

We have snokling and diving, watersports and hiking, rivers and waterfalls, camping on remote beaches or relax in bijou hotels and watch the Giant Leatherback turtles coming ashore to the beech of their birth to lay their eggs.

We can kayak you through swamps to see the indigenous wildlife or you may wish to just lap up the sun, the sea and the sand, drink champagne and eat lobsters.

We can tailor your trip around your desires. Just make sure you bring them and we’ll do the rest.

I promise you the best party you’ve ever had.

Jouvert carnival kiss, Trinidad

History of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Carnival in the Christian tradition takes place in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday and Lent, a time of abstention marking Jesus’ 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.

But before we go there, we need to get everything off our chest, we need to party hard, drink and eat all we can, celebrate the flesh and do everything we oughtn’t before we go all pious and penitential for a month.

It is a time of celebration, festivities and self mocking, when society turns itself upside down and goes a little mad.

The Trinidad and Tobago carnival’s roots stem from when the Indian indentured laborers and African slaves, taking advantage of the topsy turvy character of the European tradition of carnival, mocked and mimicked their French masters by celebrating in their costumes, turning themselves white and bringing in aspects of dance and ritual from their own cultures, predominantly African (and there’s the link!).

bum slaps, jouvert, trinidad carnival

Your Carnival trip to Trinidad and Tobago

Sample Itinerary

6th Feb Arrival in Tobago
     UK flight from Gatwick at 0930.

7th Feb Tobago. A day to acclimatize,  relaxing on the beech and swimming in the sea.

8th Feb Tobago. A trip round the island.

9th Feb Travel to Trinidad and drive on to Grande Riviere, a very nice hotel on a remote beech where Giant Leather Backed turtles come to lay their eggs.

10th Feb Morning  at Grande Riviere and then afternoon drive across the island to Port Of Spain for an early evening rest. You will be partying on down from the early mornings

11th Feb  J’ouvert (Juvé) opens carnival Let’s chill today, because from midnight you are going to be partying on down till the morning. Be prepared for paint and mud all over, we start with a splash!

12th Feb Carnival Tuesday. Glamour, costumes, flare and beauty, with steel bands, dancing parties, soca music, wining and liming and parading around like peacock.

13th Feb. Recover as we drive you leisurely across the island to Manzanilla on the west coast to stay in a Cayman’s guest house.

14th Feb. Kayaking with Cayman through the mangrove swamps on a wildlife safari to see indigenous birds and primates.

15th Feb. Travel back to the airport and fly back to Tobago.

16th - 20th Feb. Four days to do as you please. If you choose to do your PADI diving certificate you will spend every morning at diving school and completing your training which will lead to you taking a test and becoming a PADI qualified diver.

You will have a car and a driver at we can advise you on walking, bathing, cycling, pampering and sight seeing options.

UK travellers to fly out on the evening of the 20th Feb.

This itinerary can be flexible and accommodate other requirements.


Englishman's bay, Tobago



Joannah at Pirates Bay

Your chance to glam up!

A luxury family holiday, or a romantic vacation on the Caribbean sea? We can organise that at any time of year.


Let us show you the Caribbean from a Caribbean perspective...


and Food

Based on the sample itinerary is a mix of bijou guest houses, 3-4 star hotels and self catering apartments.

Prices from

£2350 per person based on the sample itinerary.
Including return flight from the UK, all accommodation, transport, guide fees and activities fees. Not including food and drink.
(This price may go up by up to £300 as flight seat availability is taken up.)

Or US$2950 not including flight.

4 day PADI Diving Course: £350 or US$550.

Best Times to Visit T&T

The weather is fantastic year round.

For the giant leatherback turtles best times are Feb-Aug, peaking between March and June.

For the best carnival in the world, February.

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