Why Choose From Here 2 Timbuktu?

Under this tab you will find some of the reasons why travel with From Here 2 Timbuktu has a benefit to others way beyond your journey. 

Here are some reasons for confidence in coming with us on one of our extraordinary trips.

1 - African travel is in our DNA

My family have been travelling to Africa since 1907. My grandfather, my mother and myself were born in Zimbabwe. I have visted 28 of the continents countries from north to south and east to west. 

 2 -Ten years of professional experience.

We have been operating overland trips in the Sahara and West Africa since 2006. We have been driving year on year along the road from London to Timbuktu since 2008. The regions in which we operate are our nomadic home, and in each country we call upon family, friends our local knowledge.

We have led tourists and journalists, a record breaking trans-Saharan kite-buggying expedition, researchers and even refugees on some extraordinary journeys from wherever they are to wherever they want to go, along the road to Timbuktu.

3 - We have a 100% safety record and proven staying power

In 2012 our main destination Mali descended into crisis. When every other company abandoned Mali we stuck with it, helping friends and colleagues escape to refugee camps and then, when it was safe to return, campaigning for the them to be helped home.

When nobody listened, including the UN, we took them home ourselves to prove our point, and in so doing inspired 1000s of others to go home too. 

Every single person who has travelled with From Here 2 Timbuktu has returned home safely, many with their lives changed forever.

We owe our 100% secuirty record to one thing: our connection to, reliance upon and fostering of our relationships with the communities through which we travel. For we understand that secuirty lies not in what authorities say, but in what the local community know.

If we offer to take you somewhere, it is because our people know the region of your travel is safe. 

4 - Why go to Africa?

Simple: it is home to humanity. In Africa we get back in touch with our origins and the beauty and inspiration that is the human being. This is where it all began, under a perfect climate which is why everyone's so happy here - so much is God given, even though they may have very little material wealth.

Africa is healthy, safe and inspiring.  Do you feel healthier in the summer or the winter? In the dry or the wet, in the city or the countryside? Do you feel safer in a world where you are on your own or surrounded by a community that wants to help you out? Are you inspired by the splendours of nature, the resilience of humanity, the brilliance of the night sky, the warmth of the wind and the laughter of children? 







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