10 Great Reasons To Visit The Sahara

One of the most unique and enchanting places on earth, here are ten reasons why you just have to visit the Sahara:

  • The Incredible Views – There is nothing on earth like the sight of the Sahara. It is a vista of outstanding beauty, a sandy sea of tranquillity which nothing else can match. The sheer scale is jaw-dropping and the panoramic horizon is unforgettable. The ever-shifting sands, warms springs and ruins means it looks different every single day.
  • The Desert Nights – Just imagine sleeping under a canopy of Saharan stars. Without the light pollution they are dazzling and enormous. When looking up you feel, quite simply, absorbed into the whole universe.
  • Sunrise, Sunset – Simply beyond belief, framing your day in a spectacular fashion.
  • The Bedouins – They are a friendly race who are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their culture. Their belief in community permeates everything and is a touching lesson for Westerners. Excellent guides, you could not be in safer hands.
  • Al Fresco Lunch…With A Difference – Trekking for miles sharpens the appetite and eating natural, delicious foods cooked by the Bedouin men in the open air is a truly unbeatable experience.
  • Friendships Deepen –Exploring the Sahara together is a hugely bonding experience. Whether you arrive with friends or meet others on your travels, you will connect over campfires chats, communal eating and immersion in the Bedouin lifestyle.
  • Adventure – The Sahara is the biggest playground on the planet, although one that needs to be taken seriously. Throwing yourself into the culture and landscape, from leading camels to learning traditional dances, with the constant edge of know you are at the mercy of living geography, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • The Camels – Gentle but with real personalities, they carry provisions and people and keep you amused with their carryings on.
  • Healing – Bedouin ‘magic’ spells and potions seem to genuinely cure a range of ills. No one knows why.
  • Closeness to nature – Trekking in the Sahara is green and sustainable travel at its best. Following traditional Bedouin ways ensures that the ‘tourist’ impact is minimal. On the contrary, their fantastic way of life resounds in our own lives, long after we arrive home.