Tailor-Made Morocco

A trip to Morocco with us takes you into the heart of all that is most enticing about this country. Amongst Westerners it may be viewed as a gateway to the orient, one that lies a convenient stone’s throw from Europe. However, where it becomes the Sahara it is undeniably African, alluring in its combination of desert, mountains and ancient cities.

The great advantage of visiting Morocco with us is that we are capable of creating a trip that is entirely unique to you. The Sahara Overland trip goes through Morocco in November/December and we can arrange for you to explore the country as you wish with a driver and guide. Here are some key Moroccan places to highlight:

  • Marrakech and Fes – the two most important cities. Marrakech, “The Land of Gods” is the most renowned, whereas Fes, the “Mecca of the Western Orient” or the “Athens of Africa” is less visited. Both are bustling, intriguing and colourful, full of memorable architecture and hordes of fascinating people singing dancing, eating, snake charming, pilgrimaging …both vibrant and vital.
  • The Atlas Mountains – This magnificent mountain range extends across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Southwestern Morocco boasts its highest peak, Toubkal, with an elevation of 4,167 metres. In Morocco we have the Moyen, Haut and Anti Atlas ranges.
  • The Sahara at M’Hammid – Experience the ‘real’ Sahara desert. M’Hammid is a small Sahara Desert village just 7-8 hours by car from Marrakech and one of the two places in Morocco where the Sahara Desert begins (the other is Merzouga). Huge sand dunes, deep night skies, lush oases.
  • Essaouira – Known as the windy city, Essaouira lies on the coast, amongst wonderfully wild coastline. Perfect for enjoying some fishing or watersports.
  • Western Sahara. From Tan Tan south on the west coast we are technically in Western Sahara, though it is controlled and ruled by Morocco. Here the Saharwiri people live. The coast is wild, barren, with saharan landscapes dropping into the Atlantic waves.

Naturally, with a tailor-made trip you can explore the all the highlights and beyond. Go on a long camel trek, spend time with the Berber people, see local craft workshops, take in a festival. Just get in touch and we can plan a Moroccan trip that fulfils your wish to explore this country your way.