Senegal – Relaxation on the River

We lead trips in Senegal lasting 8 to 14 days, where you can cruise on a comfortable river boat from the Atlantic to the edge of the Sahara.

A full 6 days can be spent cruising, following France’s colonial route into Africa, with the options of time spent in Saint Louis the “Manhattan of Africa”, up to 3 nights in Dakar and up to 3 nights on La Petite Côte. Essentially, the trip will be organised for you on a tailor-made basis, to suit your particular travel wish-list for the trip.

The charming river cruiser, which has been operating for over 60 years, is well-appointed and full of character.

There are three bars, a restaurant a small swimming pool and plenty of friendly, willing staff on hand. This is one of our most comfortable and luxurious trips, ideal for a romantic African adventure for couples, a memorable family holiday, or post-retirement trip. That said, you will certainly still be able to connect with authentic Africa, as with all our trips, by experiencing aspects of real, francophone Senegal and the Tukolor, Maure and Wolof cultures. As we travel you will witness fishermen, cattle-herders and nomads going about their daily lives.

As well as enjoying time spent on the meandering river, keen bird-watchers are sure to be well rewarded in this ornithologists’ paradise.

The Senegal River Cruise has proven to be very popular and the whole trip has been summed up by one guest as “entirely relaxing” with “lots of things to do” and a “fabulous, fabulous trip.”

Another happy guest wrote simply:

“Great mix of people, great boat, great food, great guide!”

Join us for up to two weeks of this wonderful Senegal experience. Prices start at €1500 per person, with all food, drink and accommodation included. The cruise availability runs from October to May, and is combined with a local Jazz Festival late May.

For further information and to reserve your place, please call +44 (0)117 230 1909 or email [email protected]