Rift Valley Safari – A True Serengeti Experience

We offer trips to the Serengeti that go beyond the expected, taking travellers closer to the beating heart of the region. Many trips to Tanzania focus solely on the animals which, glorious though the wildlife is, do not form the entire picture. On our Rift Valley Safari Trip we venture far off the beaten track, around the very edges of the park to where the Maasai live. Thus the travellers on our trip also come to see the Serengeti in its human context.

“It is here that the pristine natural world of the Serengeti begins to co-exist with the pastoralist world of the Maasai and the hunter-gather Hadzabe bushmen. This dynamic goes back thousands and thousands of years.”

The route we take goes around round the edges of the National Park edges, along the Rift Valley escarpment and entering into the back of the Serengeti. This was originally at the excellent suggestion of my brother, Felix who works as a wildlife vet in the region. Naturally, he understands my passion for the diverse and intriguing story of the African people. The Rift Valley Safari Trip combines ways to explore that fascination with African culture with ways in which to explore the wild, wide open landscapes that so readily speak of the Africa of the imagination.

Amongst a wealth of sights and experiences, the “big five” which really characterise this trip for me are:

  • The elephants of Tarangire
  • Lake Eyasi and the Hadzabe bushmen
  • Lions roaming the plains of the Serengeti
  • Volcano-hopping from Ngorongoro to Empkaai with the Maasai
  • The wondrous Lake Natron eco-camp spring spa with flamingoes, camels, 117,000 year old footprints and toe nibbling fish in your private spring bath.

Join us as we take this trip, full of breath-taking pleasures for the senses and the soul, between June and September or from November to April. Accommodation includes camping, eco camping, a private home stay and a stay in a guest house. Prices start at $1950 for 11 days.

For further information, please view the Rift Valley Safari details, call +44 (0)117 230 1909, or email [email protected]om.