Senegal River Cruise – Casamance

River Cruise In Casamance

If you like adventure, then you will love going on the Senegal River Cruise trip close to Casamance, where you can meet fellow travellers, stay on an amazing colonial boat which allows you to go back in time along France’s colonial route into Africa.

The Senegal River Cruise is the perfect way to have a romantic vacation, a family trip or just an African travel holiday without the roads, heat and dust.

The Senegal River Cruise is a short distance from Casamance and this adventure includes airport pick ups, transfers and all accommodation, meals on the cruise and entrance fees and guide fees while on the cruise.

Trip of a Lifetime

Unlike some of our other trips, this cruise is one of most relaxing and luxurious adventures through Africa. The cruiser has facilities ranging from bars and restaurant to swimming pool and staff to serve your every need so you can full enjoy your experience.

This unforgettable cruise is the perfect holiday for anyone who loves nature or enjoys finding out about different cultures while in a relaxing environment. We guarantee you will never forget this experience or the beautiful views that you get to see along your way.

There will some amazing stop offs during the cruise but you will be spend the majority of the trip on the colonial boat which will travel along the Senegal River near to Casamance.

About Casamance

Casamance is the area of Senegal south of The Gambia including the Casamance River. It consists of Basse Casamance and Haute Casamance. The largest city of Casamance is Ziguinchor. The Casamance was subject to both French and Portuguese colonial efforts before a border was negotiated in 1888 between the French colony of Senegal and Portuguese Guinea (now Guinea-Bissau) to the south. The climate is low-lying and hot, with some hills to the southeast. The Region has average rainfall greater than the rest of Senegal. The economy of the Casamance relies largely on rice cultivation and tourism. It also has excellent beaches along its coastline, particularly at Cap Skirring.

About Senegal River Cruise

The Senegal River Cruise is a week to two week holiday. The unique cruise travels from the Atlantic to the fringes of the Sahara Desert or visa versa depending on what week you book your holiday. You can choose to go only the Senegal River cruise for the 7 nights or you can continue your adventure with an extra 3 nights in Dakar and a further 3 nights on La Petite Côte. The Senegal River Cruise gives you opportunity to explore Africa but in a relaxing environment as you cruise on beautifully refurbished colonial boat that boasts a restaurant, three bars, swimming pool and staff that will accommodate all your needs.

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