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From Here 2 Timbuktu‘s Nomads Travel Network

We are excited to announce that after a decade of operating journeys across the Sahara and West Africa we are expanding eastwards, to new horizons in Arabia, Persia, Anatolia and back to Europe.

With our move eastwards we are shifting focus from operating ourselves to building a nomads’ network to connect travellers to our community of operators, guides, camps and local experts in an online and on-the-road membership network called CAMPFIRE. 

Campfire is a platform for nomads to meet, greet, connect and tell stories – a sort of nomads’ AirB&B for roads less travelled.

We are also developing a new website to go alongside Campfire. You can preview Campfire here: http://campfire.fromhere2timbuktu.comIt’s work in progress but membership of Campfire is free, so why not try it out and create an account.

To get full access and full benefits of Campfire there is a €95 annual subscription fee.

For anyone joining Campfire as an annual subscriber before our launch in September 2018 we are offering two year’s subscription for the price of one.

Join Campfire – Trust Locally Travel Safely – and you’ll find a camel who will guide you to your Timbuktu!

To launch Campfire we are organising self-drive journeys to Timbuktu in January and February 2018 and on our signature trip, Sahara Overland. We will have a few places for passengers.


Latest Blog

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Bismillah! Au mwebeni so! Anichié! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in England, Africa has always welcomed me home. I want to repay Africa’s warm hospitality to me by sharing some of my highlights from a lifetime of travel with you.

We will get you into the African community’s beating heart, showing you a positive, diverse and vibrant continent with original, inspiring and resilient people. 

Come with us on a journey of a lifetime, discover your nomadic shadow stretching back over Saharan sands and Africa beyond.

Guy Lankester

Founder and director of From Here 2 Timbuktu

Gap Year Opportunities

Are you a student or taking a gap year? Are you under 25?

You want to go travelling, you want to open your horizons, but you want something more than just a year back-packing on well trodden routes.

You want to go places and experience cultures you couldn’t see on your own, you want to work, gain some experience, test yourself, discover skills you didn’t realise you had and learn some new ones, give yourself an edge over your peers, do something extraordinary with this special year that will stay with you forever, discover your potential so you can move on with your life with confidence.

But you are a bit unsure about how to do get all this. You are at the right place. Come and learn from an expert.

Every year i have a couple of positions for young people helping me with my trips. It works like this…

You pay me €1950. This covers your time with em and all your transport while you are on my trips. You just pay your own food and accommodation throughout. You will need to budget at €30 per day. You then come with me, either on my Sahara Overland trip in September or December or you fly out to wherever I am. You stay with me for as long as you like and I will show you the ropes and teach you how to travel – there is a knack to learn.

I will show you how to deal with people – clients, officials, locals. You will assist me with my trips, looking after clients making sure they have what they need, carrying bags, loading the vehicles, strapping down the roof rack. You’ll help me dig us out of sand when we get stuck, help change a tyre that has punctured. I may send you on ahead to organise our arrival someplace, set up camp, liase with my guides my drivers and my operators.

You’ll see amazing places, meet wonderful people, and take part in extraordinary adventures. Then  perhaps you’ll decide to do your own thing, like teach in a school or live with a family in the desert. Or you’ll go off somewhere on your own.

I’ll be there to support you, set you up and on your way – I’ll be there on the end of the phone or an email away, to help you out and advise you on where to go, show you what to do and how to do it. You’ll discover your patience, respect and humility – all important aspects of travelling.

We’ll talk African politics, history, language and art. You’ll learn French and bits of many other languages. But most of all and best of all you’ll learn about yourself.

You will return home more independent, more aware, more patient, more open minded and more responsible, having had the time of your life, a time you will never forget, a time that you will use in everything you do for the rest of your time on earth.


When I was 18 I took a year out between school and university. I was lucky, I had family in Zimbabwe. I went and stayed with them, I worked on a  farm and shadowed a journalist, but I wanted more…

I found a truck driver who was driving from Harare to Nairobi, through Zambia and Tanzania. “I’m leaving, 8 am tomorrow, be here”. My family freaked: “The rest of Africa is not like Zimbabwe, you’ll die”. In those days Zimbabwe was a respectable state but here’s the first lesson – people who haven’t done the journey you want to do do not know what they are talking about. All they can go on is their received information, and that is distorted by so much cultural propaganda.

Family are the worst, because they do not know or understand, and so they fear.

Leaving behind the cries of my family, i set off with John and Oliver. We drove all day and all night, switching turns on the bed. In the morning we showered under waterfalls. After breakfast we’d prepare diner: steak wrapped in tin foil placed on the gearbox, 12 hours later it was beautifully cooked.

After Zambia into Tanzania. Outside Dar Es Salaam I jumped ship, John gave me enough local money to catch a bus into town. It was a sunday so no banks were open – in those days there were no cash points, mobile phones or internet. For the first time in my life no one knew where I was, I was totally alone.

I begged a room that would not lock, I slept with my knife in my hand convinced that this was where my family’s prediction would come true. The next morning I met Carlo, a 35 year old Italian station master. He took me under his wing and for three weeks we travelled across Tanzania, to Zanzibar, the great Rift Valley, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara.

Eventually I was done, and I caught John and Oliver returning to Zimbabwe. I arrived back to my family for Christmas.

Stinking to high heaven, exhausted by my adventure, but the happiest man alive.

That night in Dar Es Salaam was the last time I was scared in Africa. That trip, and the impetus it gave me to carry on travelling – Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa and India followed in that year  and many places since – set me up for life.

I went to university, more confident in myself, more aware of other worlds, other ways, other lives. Independent of mind, free in spirit, bold in outlook and recognising a very important truth: wWe have one life, we are here now, we better make the most of it.

Little did I know back then that one day this experience would end up providing the foundation for my business!

But more than that it set me up to know I could do whatever I wanted in life.


If you want to talk to me about these opportunities write to me at [email protected]

Africa Student Backpacking

Africa Student Backpacking

Africa Student Backpacking

Africa Student Backpacking

Africa Student Backpacking


“From Here 2 Timbuktu guarantees your money and the value of your journey to you and the communities you travel through.”


1) All monies paid to FH2T are guaranteed against our financial failure by our worldwide Tour Operators per Paassenger (TOPP) insurance cover. Click here to read more about TOPP insurance.

2) Cancellation

My Booking Conditions guarantee a full refund of your balance payment (trip price minus booking deposit) in the event of cancellation of your trip by the company.

In the event of cancellation by the client for unforeseen circumstances I have a refund policy that returns a per cent of your balance payment depending on how close to  departure the company is informed of the cancellation. Under most circumstances of cancellation your travel insurance should cover most of your trip cost.

But sometimes the unforeseen happens – a family member gets sick – and those pesky insurance  companies wriggle out of things because a box was not ticked on your application.

From Here 2 Timbuktu offers its clients a “trust” guarantee:

– Any balance payment monies paid to the company that are not covered by the client’s personal travel insurance (provided the client has worldwide personal travel insurance cover)  will be offered back to the client in the form of a credit note for a future trip with From Here 2 Timbuktu.

– If after 5 days of your trip you decide the trip is not for you and you want to leave the trip, we promise to return one third of the balance payment (trip price minus booking deposit) of your trip minus any costs incurred in returning you safely to the trip starting point.

Why Choose Us?

We stand out from the rest when it comes to African travel. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us to lead you along the road less travelled…

1. We can take you to a village as a guest rather than a tourist, get you in on the party rather than have it put on for you and send you into barely trodden gorilla country.

2. We aim to give you a perspective changing experience of modern, vibrant, progressing West Africa and to ensure that your trip has a positive impact on the amazing communities visited.

3. Our clients range from 20 year old gap students and a 90 year-old retired Doctor, to second world war vets and accountants.

4. We organise and operate overland journeys, small group trips and tailor-made travel, across the Sahara and in Africa. We can fix and facilitate expeditions, film shoots and bespoke trips in all our destination countries.

6. We aim to give our clients the spirit of independent travel in an organised context.

7. We believe in giving something back to the remote communities which host us. We have two schools programmes, one in Mali and one in Cameroon.

Special Offers

Morocco to Mauritania Overland

28 Aug to 15 Sept with the possibility to extend to Mali.


  • €2150 to Nouakchott
  • €2450 to Mali

10% discount on this price for the next booking.

Sahara Overland trip


Christmas in Cameroon – The Kingdom At the End of the Road

A christmas trip to a fascinating and undiscovered remote community of the Bamenda Highlands in the north west province. Trip includes primate conservation and lovely beaches in Limbe, a trip by river to Korup National Park to experience some of Cameroons unique wildlife and birdlife and/or a Mt Cameroon hike.


  • €2450

10% discount for the first two bookings.

Cameroon and Kingdom At The End of the Road


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