Let us take you on a journey to another world just down the road…

Looming wintery blues? Give yourself something to keep you going until January!

From Here 2 Timbuktu is re-launching in January with our signature tune trip Sahara Overland journey across the desert to Mali.

We cross continents and the Med at the Pillars of Hercules and roll on through the Rife mountains and down to the ancient trading cities of Fez, Marrakech and Rabat. Submerge into the sweet fragrances, rich colours and exotic tastes of the orient: souks, kasbahs and hamams, Tiznit Taroudant and Tantan; Berber and Saharwiri villages, high Atlas passes, camping with fishermen on the wild Atlantic coast, musk and silver, jewels, spices and coffee, oranges and melons: Morocco is fresh, delicious and addictive.

On across the greatest desert expanse in the world. Hundreds and hundreds of miles and hardly a soul, just a passing nomad here and there, a car or a truck flashing by, lost in thought and music on the straight and empty road.

Camp out on the beach or under a desert rock with the brilliance of the night sky shooting you stars until you sleep a living dream…

…and wake in Mauritania on a cold desert morn, and you see it was a sort of dream, now there is all change, a new and very other other world – blue and white flowing “boubou” robes, black and white Moors of the ancient stories, a blue blue sea meeting yellow and red dunes of the great desert.Tents and camels, wind and sand, mountains and plateaus and more endless space even than before, Chingettitti, Atar, Tadijikija, dates and milk and honey, fish and meat and minty tea, we are way out of our time here!

Then, as suddenly as the desert was upon us, so we pass out into the Sahel, the fringe, the edge, where desert meets Africa. The sign? You see those trees!

Now we enter town and the hush of the desert wind has receded and a blast of colour takes its place, strange patterns and music everywhere – we are nearing Mali. Gradually another world, the same but different, takes us over: vibrant colours, music music and music that gets under your skin! The motherland is calling, you are back in the cradle of humanity!

And now, sit back, let the river flow, we’ll now take you down the most beautiful river in the world, the Niger, all the way to Timbuktu and give you The Festival On The Niger ¬†as your treat for achieving your goal.