Travel to Iran: Everything For A Quality Bucket List Adventure

Iranian Hospitality, Windows On Persia


Over the next two years From Here 2 Timbuktu is spreading east. To celebrate our new direction we have teamed up with an Iranian operation and together we are opening up adventurous routes through this fascinating country. Iran has always been a favourite of the travel connoisseur for its incredible hospitality. At the crossroads between Arabia and central and southern Asia, its architecture, archaelogy, culture, history and language give Iran a totally unique flavour incomparable with anywhere else. Now of course it is opening up politically and focussing heavily on bringing tourism, so get in early and avoid the crowds.

This is a 4 star quality journey that takes in the best of Iran’s but it is worth every penny.

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Senegal: Cruise through wildlife, culture and desert in affordable luxury!


Senegal: A Cruise from the Atlantic to The Sahara

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Relax, lie back, be served and welcomed, observe and participate as you travel in style from Saint Louis – the Manhatten of West Africa – on Senegal’s Atlantic coast to the fringes of the Sahara. Senegal on the south bank, Mauritania on the north bank, through one of the world’s most important sites for migrating birds, past old French forts and trading towns. You will be expertly guided through the history of this important colonial route into Africa and expereince the modern day welcome of the cultures and villages en route.

With three standards of cabin and prices from €1500 this cruise offers affordable luxury for the lazy adventurer! 

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Mauritania: Travel Back To Saharan Space And Time Forgotten

Mauritania: Travel Back To Saharan Space And Time Forgotten

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A Roman province, land of the Moors, descendants of Almoravids, Berbers, Beni Hassan Arabs and black west Africans united through an ancient Arabic dialect called Hassaniya, Mauritania is special but today you’ll be lucky to find anyone who even knows where it is. If you seek roads less traveled Mauritania is a dream destination.

Atlantic waves crash against Saharan dunes, ancient desert trading centres like Walata and Chinguetti, once as famous as Timbuktu, the longest train in the world and, with 4 million people in a country twice the size of France and two million of them in the capital city, lots of space space space!

Price Indicator: 2 weeks, 2+ passengers €1500 per person.

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Morocco: The Saharan Orient On Europe’s Doorstep

Morocco: EasyJet away to ancient Citadels, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara!

morocco-oasis routemorocco-sahara-erg-chebbi-dunesFez

Morocco offers a top adventure holiday with easy access. A cheap short flight from Europe’s capitals and you are amidst the sweet aromas and exotic tastes of the Orient in the ancient citadels of Fez, Meknes and Marrakesh; dining with Berber fishermen on the fruits of the Mediteranean or Atlantic; crossing the Atlas mountains to camp under Saharan stars with nomads and camels.

Your guides are of nomad stock. Old Mohammed used to caravan the 55 days to Timbuktu, but today his sons Bashir and Moktar will pick you up from the airport in their comfortable 4×4 and take you on a journey through this delicous, varied and surprisingly undiscovered country.

Price Indicator: 1 Week, Inc accommodation for 2+ passengers €900 per person (Not inc flights)