Adventure Tours Near Abi

Near to Abi there lies the possibility to roam off the beaten track and partake in a very special West African experience. After taking in the spectacular rainforests and mountains along the coastline of Cameroon, we head for the glorious Bamenda Highlands and the far-flung kingdom of Esu for a voyage into the heart of African identity – the ancestral village community.

You can add on expeditions to the main trip, such as climbing the dizzy heights of Mount Cameroon, or visiting the 1260 sq. km Korup National Park, with it’s hugely diverse and rare wildlife.

See how different the area is from places such as Abi as you get to know Limbe. A lovely, warmly inviting fishing town it has the Wildlife Centre which cares for chimps, gorillas, drill monkeys, baboons and other primates sometimes otherwise killed for bush meat.

Your Journey Begins in Limbe

There is plenty more to enjoy here: the botanic gardens, equatorial forest, Mounts Etinde and Mount Cameroon, the crater lake, Down Beach fish barbecues and the markets.

Quick Stop in Bamenda

We will then journey for 1.5 days to reach the Bamenda highlands. We stay there overnight, then go onto Esu the next day, along the ring road with its amazing natural scenery.

Esu: Kingdom At The End Of The Road

Upon arriving at the ‘kingdom at the end of the road’ everyone stays – the road does not go on, keeping it remote from places like Abi . Travellers can revel in the genuinely African experiences, meet the people and learn about their culture, which harks back to the dawn of mankind in this the ‘real Garden of Eden’.

About Abi

Abi is a Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria. It contains several Igbo villages and is home to an annual cultural festival. People from Abi include State Governor Liyel Imoke, a member of the Agbo subgroup of Igboland. One of the largest tribes within Abi Local Government is Bahumono, which includes seven villages: Ediba, Anong, Usumutong, Afafanyi, Igonigoni, Ebom, and Ebiriba.

About Kingdom at the end of the road (Christmas trip)

The Kingdom At The End Of The Road is a 10 day trip in Cameroon. Your journey begins in the seaside town of Limbe before making your way to Esu while stopping off in Bamenda along the way. The trip is called The Kingdom At The End Of The Road because Esu is literally at the end of the road. There is no pass through Esu nor can you travel left or right of the community. The community is surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and valleys and no road from the highlands and across the lowland plain to the Nigerian border.

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