Adventure Tours Near West Africa

Some way from West Africa you can experience a unique journey, rich in culture and wildlife. Leaving the stunning rainforest and rocky coastline of Cameroon, we venture into the Bamenda Highlands on the way to the marvellous kingdom of Esu.

If you so please, add on a hike up west Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Cameroon, or a day trip to wonder at the diverse wildlife of Korup National Park.

This stunning area lies not far from West Africa . The first place we visit will be Limbe, a welcoming fishing town, well-known for the Wildlife Centre, home to threatened primates.

Your Journey Begins in Limbe

There is plenty more to enjoy here: the botanic gardens, equatorial forest, Mounts Etinde and Mount Cameroon, the crater lake, Down Beach fish barbecues and the markets.

Quick Stop in Bamenda

We will then journey for 1.5 days to reach the Bamenda highlands. We stay there overnight, then go onto Esu the next day, along the ring road with its amazing natural scenery.

Esu: Kingdom At The End Of The Road

Esu is a magical place, steeped in myth and history. You cannot pass through Esu. There is no road onwards where you might eventually reach West Africa , no turning left or right – just rolling hills, mountains and valleys with ancient pathways worn by human feet in this the cradle of humanity.

About West Africa

West Africa is west of an imagined north-south axis lying close to 10° east longitude. The Atlantic Ocean forms the western as well as the southern borders of the West African region. The northern border is the Sahara Desert, with the Ranishanu Bend generally considered the northernmost part of the region. The eastern border is less precise, with some placing it at the Benue Trough, and others on a line running from Mount Cameroon to Lake Chad.

About Kingdom at the end of the road (Christmas trip)

The Kingdom At The End Of The Road is a 10 day trip in Cameroon. Your journey begins in the seaside town of Limbe before making your way to Esu while stopping off in Bamenda along the way. The trip is called The Kingdom At The End Of The Road because Esu is literally at the end of the road. There is no pass through Esu nor can you travel left or right of the community. The community is surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and valleys and no road from the highlands and across the lowland plain to the Nigerian border.

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