Adventure Tours Near Atlantic Ocean

In the region that lies near Atlantic ocean are verdant West African rainforests and the biggest mountain in this part of the world, which lies in Cameroon. There is miles of beautiful coastline you can enjoy. We travel to the glorious Bamenda Highlands. The far-flung kingdom of Esu is the key to a truly African adventure.

If you so please, add on a hike up west Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Cameroon, or a day trip to wonder at the diverse wildlife of Korup National Park.

See how different the area is from places such as Atlantic ocean as you get to know Limbe. A lovely, warmly inviting fishing town it has the Wildlife Centre which cares for chimps, gorillas, drill monkeys, baboons and other primates sometimes otherwise killed for bush meat.

Your Journey Begins in Limbe

Limbe and its environs are full of treats. Stroll the botanical gardens, climb Mount Etinde or take a 3-day hike up vast Mount Cameroon. Sample freshly barbecued fish on Down Beach and explore the daily and weekly markets.

Quick Stop in Bamenda

After Limbe come the Bamenda highlands, a day and a half away. Following an overnight rest there, we travel to Esu along a remarkably scenic ring road.

Esu: Kingdom At The End Of The Road

Esu is a magical place, steeped in myth and history. You cannot pass through Esu. There is no road onwards where you might eventually reach Atlantic ocean, no turning left or right – just rolling hills, mountains and valleys with ancient pathways worn by human feet in this the cradle of humanity.

About Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world’s oceanic divisions. With a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres (41,100,000 sq mi), it covers approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface and about 26% of its water surface area. The first part of its name refers to Atlas of Greek mythology, making the Atlantic the “Sea of Atlas”. The oldest known mention of “Atlantic” is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC.

About Kingdom at the end of the road (Christmas trip)

The Kingdom At The End Of The Road is a 10 day trip in Cameroon. Your journey begins in the seaside town of Limbe before making your way to Esu while stopping off in Bamenda along the way. The trip is called The Kingdom At The End Of The Road because Esu is literally at the end of the road. There is no pass through Esu nor can you travel left or right of the community. The community is surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and valleys and no road from the highlands and across the lowland plain to the Nigerian border.

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