Adventure Tours Near Bantu African

Near to Bantu African there lies the possibility to roam off the beaten track and partake in a very special West African experience. After taking in the spectacular rainforests and mountains along the coastline of Cameroon, we head for the glorious Bamenda Highlands and the far-flung kingdom of Esu for a voyage into the heart of African identity – the ancestral village community.

Whilst on this trip you can customize it to suit you, perhaps by including a hike up west Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Cameroon, or get to know the indigenous species of mammals and birds at Korup National Park.

Compare and contrast the area with places like Bantu African by getting to know Limbe. A picturesque fishing town, it gives a warm welcome to visitors. The Wildlife Centre cares for chimps, gorillas, drill monkeys, baboons and other primates caught up in the bush meat trade.

Your Journey Begins in Limbe

Limbe and its environs are full of treats. Stroll the botanical gardens, climb Mount Etinde or take a 3-day hike up vast Mount Cameroon. Sample freshly barbecued fish on Down Beach and explore the daily and weekly markets.

Quick Stop in Bamenda

Following a trip of 1.5 days you will then reach the Bamenda highlands. You will stay the night there before travelling along the ring road of outstanding natural beauty to Esu.

Esu: Kingdom At The End Of The Road

Esu is a magical place, steeped in myth and history. You cannot pass through Esu. There is no road onwards where you might eventually reach Bantu African , no turning left or right – just rolling hills, mountains and valleys with ancient pathways worn by human feet in this the cradle of humanity.

About Bantu African

Black South Africans were at times officially called “Bantu” by the apartheid regime. The term Bantu is derived from the word for “people” common to many of the Bantu languages. In South Africa Bantu is no longer in wide use as a description of black South African people. The Oxford Dictionary of South African English describes its use in a racial context as obsolescent and offensive because of its strong association with white minority rule and the apartheid system. However, “Bantu” is used without pejorative connotations in other parts of Africa.

About Kingdom at the end of the road (Christmas trip)

The Kingdom At The End Of The Road is a 10 day trip in Cameroon. Your journey begins in the seaside town of Limbe before making your way to Esu while stopping off in Bamenda along the way. The trip is called The Kingdom At The End Of The Road because Esu is literally at the end of the road. There is no pass through Esu nor can you travel left or right of the community. The community is surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and valleys and no road from the highlands and across the lowland plain to the Nigerian border.

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