Tailor-Made Morocco

A trip to Morocco with us takes you into the heart of all that is most enticing about this country. Amongst Westerners it may be viewed as a gateway to the orient, one that lies a convenient stone’s throw from Europe. However, where it becomes the Sahara it is undeniably African, alluring in its combination of desert, mountains and ancient cities.

The great advantage of visiting Morocco with us is that we are capable of creating a trip that is entirely unique to you. The Sahara Overland trip goes through Morocco in November/December and we can arrange for you to explore the country as you wish with a driver and guide. Here are some key Moroccan places to highlight:

Marrakech and Fes – Two Ancient Citadels, Two Very Different Vibes

Sometimes we all long to immerse ourselves in the bustle and surprise of somewhere other, somewhere truly exotic and unique. With Morocco, we in Europe have the orient just a couple of hours flight away.

Morocco has long been the trading post between Europe and Africa. The great Saharan caravans brought gold across the desert from the south and traded with produce from the silk route, Europe and Morocco itself.

The two great citadels of trade were Marrakech and Fes.