Festival In The Desert In Timbuktu

A first-rate event is coming up soon in Timbuktu. The Festival In The Desert is an important, moving and entertaining cultural happening set in the glorious surroundings of the desert at Essakane.

The fantastic Mali Music Festival takes place from 20th to 22nd February 2013, running for three days. It unites a number of excellent artists, both from Mali and international. The festival pays homage to on-going creativity in a region which has seen trouble and oppression.

Local people and visitors flock to Timbuktu to share in their love of live world music and culture in the breath-taking surroundings of the sands at Essakane.

The Caravan Of Peace

Guy Lankester, founder of From Here 2 Timbuktu, has been travelling in and around Africa for 25 years. He will be joining the Caravan of Peace as it heads to the Festival In The Desert, going from Mauritania, via Mali to Burkina-Faso.

This is a “caravan of artists for peace and national unity in Mali”. Those who wish to support the cause and experience the trip for themselves may join the caravan.

Book your Festival In The Desert Now

Guy would be delighted to welcome you as part of the caravan travelling through Timbuktu to the Festival In The Desert. For further details, please call us on +44 (0)117 230 1909.

About Timbuktu

Timbuktu, formerly also spelled Timbuctoo and Timbuktoo, is a town in the West African nation of Mali situated 15 km (9.3 mi) north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. The town is the capital of the Timbuktu Region, one of the eight administrative regions of Mali. It had a population of 54,453 in the 2009 census. Starting out as a seasonal settlement, Timbuktu became a permanent settlement early in the 12th century. After a shift in trading routes, Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves, and it became part of the Mali Empire. Most tourists visit Timbuktu between November and February when the air temperature is lower.Over the following decades the tourist numbers increased so that by 2006 there were seven small hotels and guest houses.

About Festival In The Desert

Cited as one of the world’s top 25 festivals, Festival In The Desert was founded on a Tamashek (Tuareg) tradition of festivals celebrating the culture, music and stories of when the nomadic clans met in the cooler dry seasons. The festival has branched out over the years to represent all the communities and extraordinary rich musical traditions of Mali, the desert and the region as a whole. It is Mali’s number one attraction bringing people together from all corners of Africa and the world.

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