Adventure Travel In Morocco

Encounter beautiful scenery, people, cultures and wonderful wildlife up close with our signature Sahara Overland trip near Morocco .

During your Sahara Overland trip, you will get the chance to take two routes, one via Morocco, Mauritania and Mali and the other route via, Tunisia, Algeria and Mail.

Located close to Morocco, the Sahara Overland trip is an adventure that you will never forget. The trip costs €2950 per person and this includes all transport (excluding flights), park, camping and guide fees throughout the 3-4 week journey. Hotels and guest houses can be booked en route, but the trip is best experienced camping, under the stars to get the full authentic African experience.

Trip of a Lifetime

The is no accommodation included like a guest house or hotel, but camping equipment is included. The trip is designed for you to have an adventure and back to the basics to really enjoy the essence of Africa. Hotels and guest houses can be stayed in but at an extra cost but this enables you to have control of your budget.

The local communities that you will have the chance to stay with will welcome you with open arms and share their culture with you.

For the majority of your Sahara Overland trip, you will explore the area close to Morocco as part of a travelling camp, which will be led by various tour guides.

About Morocco

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country located in North Africa. It has a population of over 32 million and an area of 446,550 km², excluding the disputed region of the Western Sahara, mostly administered by Morocco as the Southern Provinces. Morocco is part of the Maghreb region, in addition to Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, and Libya, with which it shares cultural, historical and linguistic ties. Despite being situated in Africa, Morocco remains the only African state not to be a member of the African Union due to its unilateral withdrawal on November 12, 1984 over the issue of Western Sahara’s admission as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in 1982.

About Sahara Overland

Sahara Overland trip is a 3-4 week trip which covers three countries and the Sahara Desert. There are 2 routes to chose from, the first via Morocco and Mauritania and the other route via Tunisia and Algeria with both routes going into Mali. On your adventure you will be travelling in Toyota Landcruisers, Africa’s modern day camel and spend your evenings camping or staying with local, amazing communities. You will cover many miles, travel through extraordinary landscapes and Zen out as different worlds pass us by.

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