Adventure Travel In Tan Tan

Experience the trip of a life time with From Here 2 Timbuktu’s signature trip, Sahara Overland near Tan Tan. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views and discover beautiful cultures and people.

During your Sahara Overland trip, you will get the chance to take two routes, one via Morocco, Mauritania and Mali and the other route via, Tunisia, Algeria and Mail.

This trip is just a short journey from Tan Tan and is perfect for people looking for an adventure and anyone who loves to learn about different cultures, experience the desert at first hand and admire stunning landscapes.

Trip of a Lifetime

During your trip you will be going a lot of camping instead of staying in hotels. You can stay in hotels but that will be at extra costs. However the purpose of camping allows you to stay with local communities and experience a real authentic trip.

This unforgettable trip is the perfect holiday for anyone who loves nature or enjoys finding out about different cultures. We guarantee you will never forget this experience or the beautiful views that you get to see along your way.

There will be amazing communities that you will have the chance to stay with. But most of your trip will be spent on the road though, as local guides lead throughout the trips especially in the desert on your Sahara Overland trip near to Tan Tan.

About Tan Tan

Tan-Tan is a city in Tan-Tan Province in the region of Guelmim-Es Semara in south-western Morocco. It is a desert town with a population (2004 census) of 60,560, the largest in the province and second largest in the region behind the capital Guelmim. The Draa River, at 1,100km the longest in Morocco, flows into the Atlantic Ocean after Tan-Tan. The town also has an airport, Tan Tan Airport.

About Sahara Overland

Sahara Overland trip is a 3-4 week trip which covers three countries and the Sahara Desert. There are 2 routes to chose from, the first via Morocco and Mauritania and the other route via Tunisia and Algeria with both routes going into Mali. On your adventure you will be travelling in Toyota Landcruisers, Africa’s modern day camel and spend your evenings camping or staying with local, amazing communities. You will cover many miles, travel through extraordinary landscapes and Zen out as different worlds pass us by.

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