Adventure Travel In Tunisia

Close to Tunisia is an unusual and off the beaten track journey around called Sahara Overland. This is From Here 2 Timbuktu’s signature trip.

During your trip you will be able to choose from two routes. Morocco and Mauritania is the first and the second is Tunisia and Algeria with both routes travelling into Mali.

The Sahara Overland trip is a short distance from Tunisia and this experience includes transport and all camping, guide and park fees.

Trip of a Lifetime

The Sahara Overland trip costs €2950 per person for 3-4 week adventure. You can also pay extra for hotels and meals and this allows to be in control of your own budget.

Getting back to nature and adventures is something you look for in your holiday, then the Sahara Overland trip will be right up your street. This life changing trip covers 3 countries (plus more if you wish to continue travelling) and the Sahara Desert – not many trips offer this opportunity.

There will be amazing communities that you will have the chance to stay with. But most of your trip will be spent on the road though, as local guides lead throughout the trips especially in the desert on your Sahara Overland trip near to Tunisia .

About Tunisia

Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is the northernmost country in Africa. It is an Arab Maghreb country and is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Its area is almost 165,000 square kilometres, with an estimated population of just under 10.7 million. Its name is derived from the capital Tunis located in the northeast.

About Sahara Overland

Sahara Overland trip is a 3-4 week trip which covers three countries and the Sahara Desert. There are 2 routes to chose from, the first via Morocco and Mauritania and the other route via Tunisia and Algeria with both routes going into Mali. On your adventure you will be travelling in Toyota Landcruisers, Africa’s modern day camel and spend your evenings camping or staying with local, amazing communities. You will cover many miles, travel through extraordinary landscapes and Zen out as different worlds pass us by.

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