River Cruise In Atlantic Ocean

If you fancy spending your African holiday without the roads, heat and dust then book yourself onto the Senegal River Cruise close to Atlantic ocean .

The Senegal River Cruise is the ideal way to see a fascinating part of Africa from the water as it allows you to witness local tribes go about their day without interrupting them while at the same time relaxing from the comfort of a colonial boat.

The Senegal River Cruise nearby Atlantic ocean costs from €1500 per person for 7 nights only on the cruise in a Standard Sharing Cabin to a maximum of €3350 for Single Suite on the cruise for 7 nights plus 3 nights in Dakar and another 3 nights on La Petite Côte.

Trip of a Lifetime

On the cruise and if you have planned to go to any of the other destinations, you will be staying in top accommodation with 5 star hotels available when you are back on land. The cruiser is a beautifully refurbished colonial boat with luxuries such as bars, swimming pool, restaurants plus more to help you relax and enjoy what Africa has to offer.

Looking for a romantic getaway or just a family vacation, this cruise accommodates the needs for all. We are confident that you will never forget this amazing experience and the views you see along the way will take your breath away.

Most of your trip will be spent on the cruiser taking advantage of the facilities, but there are also local guides lead you across each drop off during the cruise on the Senegal River Cruise close to Atlantic ocean .

About Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world’s oceanic divisions. With a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres (41,100,000 sq mi), it covers approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface and about 26% of its water surface area. The first part of its name refers to Atlas of Greek mythology, making the Atlantic the “Sea of Atlas”. The oldest known mention of “Atlantic” is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC.

About Senegal River Cruise

The Senegal River Cruise is a week to two week holiday. The unique cruise travels from the Atlantic to the fringes of the Sahara Desert or visa versa depending on what week you book your holiday. You can choose to go only the Senegal River cruise for the 7 nights or you can continue your adventure with an extra 3 nights in Dakar and a further 3 nights on La Petite Côte. The Senegal River Cruise gives you opportunity to explore Africa but in a relaxing environment as you cruise on beautifully refurbished colonial boat that boasts a restaurant, three bars, swimming pool and staff that will accommodate all your needs.

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