Tanzania Safari Near Lake Naivasha

If you fancy spending your holiday experiencing different cultures, viewing breathtaking scenery and meeting fascinating wildlife such as lions, camels, flamingos and elephants, then head to The Great Rift Valley close to Lake Naivasha .

The Rift Valley Safari is the perfect way to see a number of beautiful landscapes and scenery and you will also get to go volcano hopping and meet the Lake Eyasi and Hadzabe bushmen.

This all-inclusive safari near to Lake Naivasha costs $3,850 for a 14-day trip or $2,950 for an 11-day trip. The safari is also available for $300 per person per day and all of these prices cover the cost of the majority of your meals and all of your accommodation.

Trip of a Lifetime

The safari costs $2,950 per person for an 11-day excursion and $3,850 for a 14-day-long trip. You can also pay $300 per person per night and the prices are all based on two people sharing a room. However, you can have you own room if you pay a single supplement and you can sleep in your own tent when you are camping

Felix and Nancy will welcome you into the family home they share with their two children and their separate guesthouse will be the main base of your trip. They will prepare some excellent traditional dishes for you while you stay with them.

The Great Rift Valley is every bit as beautiful as Lake Naivasha and while there you will be based with the family of Felix, his wife Nicky and they children Milo and Max and they will feed you some fine meals while you stay in their separate guesthouse.

About Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in Kenya, lying north west of Nairobi, outside the town of Naivasha. It is part of the Great Rift Valley. The name derives from the local Maasai name Nai’posha, meaning “rough water” because of the sudden storms which can arise. Lake Naivasha is at the highest elevation of the Kenyan Rift valley at 1,890 metres (6,200 ft) in a complex geological combination of volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits from a larger Pleistocene era lake. Apart from transient streams, the lake is fed by the perennial Malewa and Gilgil rivers. There is no visible outlet, but since the lake water is relatively fresh it is assumed to have an underground outflow.

About Tanzania Rift Valley Safari

The Rift Valley lakes are a group of lakes in the East African Rift which runs through the whole eastern side of the African continent from north to south. These lakes include some of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, and many are freshwater ecoregions of great biodiversity, while others are alkaline “soda lakes” supporting highly specialised organisms. An unusual and off the beaten track journey around the Great Rift Valley gives you the best of Tanzania’s wildlife, an intimate view into two of their most fascinating cultures and some of the most awesome landscapes on earth.

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