Are you ready for a turbo-charged journey of self-creativity?


Are you...

Feeling trapped in your camp?

Itchy feet? Wanting to travel again? Need a new perspective?

Naturally you are, it's written into your DNA, evolution has programmed you to venture out of your known world to discover your destiny.

Like all animals we are a nomadic being. But unlike other animals we travel not just to survive but to create our purpose. To travel is the essential urge of humanity, and the source of our creativity: science, art, literature and religions are our species' journeys of self-creation. We are our own nomadic gods!

For the first time in our species' history this essential urge has been restricted on a global scale. Today we owe it to our ancestors and descendants to re-connect the world. As individuals and a human community we are, whether we like it or not, on a pilgrimage asking ourselves what does it mean to be a human BEING?

Where better to begin a pilgrimage than back in the original camping and stomping ground of our being - Africa?

Out of the pandemic, Africa emerges with confidence, feels the beneficial power of its sun, its plentiful fruit, its organic sustainability, the health, youth and strength of its communities, the resilience of its nomadic customs and traditions that stretch back unbroken to the beginning of human time.

A new era of African self-consciousness is dawning. Become a part of the pilgrimage.


At a crossroads unsure which way to go?

Or perhaps like me back in 2007 it's more like you are spinning around a roundabout wondering "which is my exit?"

I was an actor going through a divorce, seeking direction. I spun off my roundabout following a hunch saying simply "go to Timbuktu!".

In Timbuktu I found my name and my new path.

Over the years and tens of thousands of miles the road became my teacher and I I learnt the nomadic art of guiding stars: reading intuitions, words and inspirations that randomly came into my head, deciphering dreams, spotting signs on the road, identifying unconscious messengers holding clues to my forwards path.

These skills have given me a 100% safety record. Hundreds of journeys of a lifetime have been fulfilled; a record breaking kite buggy expedition crossed the Sahara; a group of refugees returned home to Timbuktu after a time of crisis, inspiring thousands of others to follow suit; my intuition even once saved my life.

Intuition is the nomad's lifeline, we all have the capacity but western education trains only the head and we lose touch of the heart and the gut. Think about it - how often have you been let down, betrayed, taken the wrong turn, trusted the wrong person and looked back and thought "I had a doubt, I should have listened to my gut, that look in their eye when we first met, something told me but I ignored it." That is the sign the Nomad becomes an expert at reading.

Find out how our Expeditions to Mali, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Tanzania can teach you to:

  • start afresh
  • make the most of new opportunities
  • work out your motivation
  • be a conscious adventurer
  • correctly read the road you've taken so far to avoid making the same mistakes again
  • hone and read your intuition so you can trust your gut to always make the right decision, ahead of time.
  • Meet your destiny.


Writing your will?

I dont mean for your impending death! I mean for your life. Are you acting out your life exactly as you want it to be or do you sometimes feel like you are a character in a play with little control of the script?

Are your family's expectations, or those of your culture, your society, or your belief system leading you or are you forging ahead creating your life as you go? Are you reacting to circumstances or are they reacting to you? Are you a follower or a leader? The sheep or the shepherd?

What is the difference between ordinary you and exceptional you?

The answer to all these questions, and the solution can be found on your travels. The further you go away from your known world the more conscious you become of own heart's will. The more conscious you become the more you lead yourself. The better you can lead yourself, the more likely you'll be a good leader of others.

Book a NOMAD CREATION CALL to hear about our walking treks, river trips, desert expeditions, tribal festivals and overland journeys and the ultimate N>O>M>A>D Conscious Leader program.


Diane was at a crossroads. Her work was getting her down, she needed a break, she hopped on a tailor made trip with Guy across the Sahara...

"Gobsmacking, mind-blowing, free wheeling journey across the Sahara led by a funny, intelligent, inventive nomad & guide. I found my Timbuktu!"

• Diane | Skipton, UK

Joannah had never been to Africa. On returning home from here trip she followed a dream and set up her own wine shop Time to Wine

An unexpected life changing experience. It started like an ordinary trip and and didn't see it coming as my view of life flipped. I didn't know how much I needed this until I hit the sands of the Sahara.

• Joannah | Tobago

About Your GUIDE

I landed on earth in 1969 in Africa, in what was then Salisbury Rhodesia, today Harare Zimbabwe.

I was given the name Guy, which years later, after setting up From here 2 Timbuktu, I discovered meant guide or leader. So Africa not only gave me life but the meaning of my name!

My first nomadic journey was to Cape Town to take a ship. I was ten months old! Because of politics that i did not understand, my parents and I were migrating to England, where I was then brought up.

I am very fortunate - I have had five lives! Each life has turned on an event - my parent's divorce, my own divorce, war, burn out... Each crossroads threw me into a new African journey, each journey delivered a new direction for my life and gave me fresh purpose.

I have been a professional actor, a traveller, a guide, a photographer, an expedition leader, a campaigner for refugees, a leader of the largest group return of refugees in the Mali crisis, a dog trainer and guide. All of my lives and professions have one theme in common: nomadism.

My new mission is to bring all my lives and professions together to teach a philosophy of nomadism, help others realise their travel dreams, write their own stories and so become conscious leaders of their lives. The world has a crisis of leadership, and we can only be good leaders of others when we know how to consciously lead ourselves.

A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step

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